Black Notice, стр. 86

"Lucy, put the gun down," I heard Marino say.

She didn't move. The pistol was shaking in her.hands. This wretched man called Loup-Garou struggled for air and moaned. He was inches from her feet and I was inches from her.

"Lucy, look at me;" I said. "Look at me!"

She glanced in my direction and a tear slid down her cheek.

"There's been enough killing," I said. "Please. No more.

This is a bad shooting, Lucy. This isn't self-defense. Jo's in the car waiting for you. Don't do this. Don't do this, please. We love you."

She swallowed hard. I carefully reached out my hand.

"Give me the gun," I said. "Please. I love you. Give me the gun,"

She lowered it and tossed it into the snow, where the steel shone like silver. She stayed where she was, her head bent, and then Marino was with her, saying things I couldn't focus on as my elbow throbbed like drums. Someone lifted me with sure hands.

"Come on," Talley gently said to me.

He pulled me close and I looked up at him. It seemed so out of place to see him in ATF fatigues. I wasn't sure he was there. It was a dream or a nightmare. None of this could happen. There was no such thing as a werewolf and Lucy wouldn't shoot anyone and Benton wasn't dead and I was about to faint and Talley held me up.

"We need to get you to a hospital, Kay. Bet you could name a few around here," Jay Talley said.

"We need to get Jo out of the car. She must be cold. She can't move," I muttered.

My lips were numb. I could barely speak.

"She'll be fine. Everything will be taken care of."

My feet were wood as he helped me down the walk. He moved as if snow and ice had no effect on him.

"I'm sorry for how I acted," he said.

"I did it first," I could barely push out words.

"I could get an ambulance, but I'd like to take you myself," he said.

"Yes, yes," I said. "I'd like that."