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Insanity #4


Добавлено 2016-01-20
A Plague Scarier than Death Alice and the Pillar have to stop a Wonderland Monster who\'d lashed out an incurable disease onto the world. Their biggest challenge is that the world loves this monster so much.A Cure Larger than Life The only way to save the world is to travel to the other side of the globe, and peek into one of Lewis Carroll and the Pillar\'s darker pasts.A Truth Madder Than Fiction This time, the price of saving the world is too high. Alice will have to live with the consequences of the maddest logic of the world surrounding her.Will Alice find who the Pillar really is? What he wants? Is she brave enough to handle the one Wonderland Monster she\'d thought was a good friends? And even so, is the world ready the truth


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