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Aztec #3
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Добавлено 2016-01-25
\"A dazzling and hypnotic historical novel.\"--The New York Times \"Anyone who reads, anyone who still lusts for adventure or that book you can\'t put down, will glory in Aztec.\"--Los Angeles Times Aztec is the extraordinary story of the last and greatest native civilization of North America. Told in the words of one of the most robust and memorable characters in modern fiction, Mixtli-Dark Cloud, Aztec reveals the very depths of Aztec civilization from the peak and feather-banner splendor of the Aztec Capital of Tenochtitlan to the arrival of Hernan Cortes and his conquistadores, and their destruction of the Aztec empire. The story of Mixtli is the story of the Aztecs themselves---a compelling, epic tale of heroic dignity and a colossal civilization\'s rise and fall.  
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